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We are Manuela and Graham, hobby breeders of both the Ocicat and the Ocicat Classic. We’re based in Mid Bedfordshire, close to the M1 Junction 12.

We've had rescue cats all our married life, heading towards 30 years of it! Our love of cats took us to several cat shows where we were looking into the possibility of breeding Bengals. We were, however, struck by the stunning wild looks and purrfect personality of the Ocicat and took steps to find out more about this exciting breed. We were especially intrigued how such a wild looking cat could have absolutely no wild blood in it. Choosing a robust, generally healthy breed was also a major contention, along with intelligence and good looks, what more could you ask for?


Dunstable Downs

In 2007 we chose two kittens to be our future queens, Lexi (Silversmoke Pocahontas) a chocolate Ocicat Classic, and Fizz (Champion Ameeka Alabama Fizz), our lovely tawny Ocicat. They've both produced wonderful litters of cuddly, friendly kittens and we look forward to many more.

By 2011 we were ready to make the decision to add one of Lexi’s kittens to be our third queen, we chose Pippa, (Pardalis Navarra) a black silver. Close on her heels came Grace (Pardalis Arizona Grace) a beautiful lilac, born to Fizz.

In June 2011 we added Raffles (Thickthorn Mercury), a very handsome black silver boy, to the fold as our stud, bringing our Ocicat total to five.

We aim to breed our Ocicats with the utmost care, working with other breeders, to ensure our kittens are healthy, beautiful and well socialised.

We look forward to hearing from you if you’d like to visit our cats with a view to homing a kitten (or two!) or if you just want to meet some Ocicats to see if they live up to your expectations (they will!) We are always happy to help with any information we can and if we don’t have all the answers we’ll almost certainly know someone who does.